Saturday, November 3, 2012

I saw great improvement from the beginning of the year, especially from last year. My shading skills have definitely improved as well as my collage making ability. Now that i got the hang of the book page making, I have a different interpretation on how to make the pages. I learned to make the colors a lot less brighter because when i drew on top of the color last year, you could barely see the drawing. For the collage, I learned to just let my mind run free and not have a specific plan on what the final product will look like. Last year, my collage pieces were placed in specific places with nothing on top. This year, i put layer on top of layer and found the collage looking 10 times better.  I am definitely liking this year more so far because I've learned so many good and better techniques and how to improve my art skills. I hope to keep learning and improving my skills.

Shoe Drawing

The shoe drawing project was probally my favorite project so far. I enjoy drawing the most out of all the different art activities. For my shoe drawing, I started off with just the pencil drawing on the right, but the rest of the page looked rather boring. I then chose to draw the same shoe, but in a different positon and this time in color. This drawing is not going into my coptic book, but will most likely be its own final piece. My next challenge is to decide what the background will be and how to bring the picture together as a whole.

Next President Collage

As you all know, election day is this Tuesday. Since most of my class mates and I cannot vote yet, we had the opportunity to express our opinions in a collage. This project could either be based on either president and his look on an important subject or the subject as a whole. In my collage, I chose Mitt Romney and his out look on the economy. Romney stated that he wanted to created more jobs for people, but have them environmental safe also. To make this collage, I started off with a white piece of paper and drew an outline of Romney. I the layed down newspaper, tissue paper, modeling paste, gloss medium, and drew footprints on the outside of the Romney face. As for the face, i included pictures of money, job articles, and people comming together as a whole to help eachother out economically. I enjoyed this project and saw an improvement
from last years collage and this years.