Thursday, November 3, 2011

1st marking period

from September 6 to now, i feel like i have grown so much. my shading has improve i learned new skills on painting and i cant wait to know so much more. i was struggling on painting, but i feel an increase in my work as the days go by. to me, it felt weird to paint with such thick paint, but i practiced and practiced and i am getting much better. i'm showing value in my shades and and understand were to put shades and were not to put shades.

self portrait

i am currently working on a self portrait. first i started out with a small picture of my self and drew it enlarged on giant poster paper. so far i have drawn my portrait and outlined it. next you paint it putting in shades were they should be to make the picture larger. when the paint is dry, you layer a coat of ink on it and then rinse off your portrait with water. the very last step you do is add color pencil to your portrait to add color and detail. i have learned to color lightly and not hard when i was doing my "ruff draft." this is probally one of the largest pictures i have done, but i enjoy it.

fruit drawing