Monday, April 8, 2013

Short Story

One day, M.C. Escher woke up and held his shiny, majic ball in his hand trying to come up with an idea to construct his next work of art. He spent hours brainstorming ideas for his next piece. He looked at his reflection through the sphere and realized he is missing out on the natural beauty of life. So, he decided to take a drive to Ocean City. When he got there, he was amazed at the wonderful sights that were around him. Seagulls chirping with joy and hundreds of people enjoying the sights and entertainment. Escher noticed how much he was missing out on by just sitting in his library trying to think of a creative topic to draw off of. He realized that with exploring the nature upon him, he could could come up with new and better drawings faster than ever before. The freedom that was portrayed at the beach, like kids running around with others they had just met, put so many ideas into his head. When Escher got back home, he sat down and instantly began drawing. He found that by just opening his eyes to the world around him, led him to big and better ideas that wouldn't have been brought upon him by just sitting at home. Every morning, M.C. Escher wakes up, puts his majic ball in his hand and looks at himself and thinks: where should i go next?