Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ceramics in process

for the past couple of weeks, we have been learning ceramics. our task is to create a functional plate, bowl, and cup to represent someone we would like to eat lunch with. i chose my aunt. she is a teacher and loves to sew, so i created a plate that has a ball of yarn and needles on it. i am currently working on an apple as my bowl. i put two bowls together by slipping and scoring them, the i cut out a hole so you can eat out of it. my next step will be adding a stem leaf and worm to make it more realistic. my cup with be a spool of thread. when all my pieces are fired(hopefully they wont blowup!), i will glaze them. this gives them the color and look to make my final piece look exciting:)

finished metal work

20 some odd students sawing away on pieces of metal is not the best sound you want to hear at 11 o'clock in the mourning. copper, silver, and bronze are the metals we used. after drawing out my future metal piece, i quickly got to work. sawing away for about a week or two was tiring, but once the metal pieces were cut out, i began to sodder and oxidize( creates a funky designing)my object.  i then put my metal on top of the firing station where i used a tool to melt the metals together. when it was all melted together, i placed my finished piece in a watery substance to give it color. this was my outcome: